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Susana Ye CIdentidad Género China España Migraci´ón Salud mental Periodismo Justicia Social Derechos Humanos Cultura nferenciante ponente comunicadora moderadora presentadora periodista formación taller gestión cultural 

Speaker at the Antiracist Week 4th edition organized by the Ministry of Equity in Spain.' deputy editor, Público's Corporate director and the dean of the Arts & Humanity Faculty at the International University of Valencia were also key speakers at the round table.

Equity Ministery of Spain Susana Ye Journalism and Antiracism round table with Juan Luis Sánchez editor in chief

I gave my perspective as a journalist about the pending affairs at universities regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion along Telecom engineer Claudine Mpah and migrants' advocate & legal practitioner Darío Cerisole.

Round table for University Oberta of Catalonia (UOC) with Susana Ye

I organized, coordinated, promoted & moderated an EU energy transition projects' encounter with 9 high-level experts for both end-users & stakeholders about local prosumers community and technology innovation.

The future of renewable energy prosumers Susana Ye as coordinator and moderator

I gave my perspective about China as a global player and about Chinese diasporas.


How media crisis in Spain influenced news quality and newsrooms' reporters.

Video Al Jazeera Journalism Spain Susana Ye

I gave a personal and professional insight about reporting in Spain.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 15.11.52.png

I was a moderator in two panels about diasporas. The event was organised by the council of Madrid.


I gave my perspective about houses market in Spain and 'okupas' social movement.


I gave my perspective about how Black Lives Matter is connected to Spain's antiracist movements and Chinese diaspora.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 20.59.34.png

I was part of the panels in the first Chinese diaspora gathering celebrated in Spain.


Interconections of the Chinese diaspora with other migratory documentaries.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 15.08.43.png

Conversations with diasporas of Spain and Latin America.


I gave my perspective about Chinese diasporas.

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